Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

American politicians are getting frustrated with the Iraqi parliament's inability to form a government and select a prime minister - which doesn't really mean much to an American. Nonetheless, the Bush administration is setting up an excellent exit strategy. It's called "We Tried, They Blew It." When the goverment fails to form, and the country explodes into large-scale civil war (as opposed to the small, quiet civil war that's already going on there) Bush can start yanking troops out piecemeal, saying "we tried, they blew it." It's commensurate with the Bush Blame the Victim Doctrine.

An upcoming article in the Waco Tribune-Herald (profiled at looks at how Bush's trips to his ranch-mansion in Crawford, Texas, have fallen in frequency. My question is, if we set up enough permanent protests in front of the White House, will Bush stay away from there, too?


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