Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Invisible Life of Poet #86 - El Rey de Mexico

Thanks to this strip, four years of Spanish and two trips to Central America have not gone to waste. This strip utilizes an old favorite joke of mine ("huevos") and was definitely fun to draw.

[Spoiler Alert!]
Robots, ninjas, pirates, and monkeys are all favorite subjects of contemporary hack humorists. These are the most overused subjects in humor, and while they have given us many great laughs, in general, they are used at the humorist's own peril. The punchline here hits all four in an attempt to end this problem. I'm sure it will not (I still sort of laugh about ninjas, after all.)

The translation:

1. Poet: I am the king of Mexico. I need to buy groceries.
Ben: Do you like eggs? They are very special.
2. Poet: Why are they special?
Ben: Because they are "Donkey Eggs."
3. Poet: Donkey eggs? That's disgusting! Now I will kill you!
Ben: Don't kill me! They are the eggs of Mr. Donkey!
4. Poet: Are they big and tasty?
Ben: Yes. The queen will love them.
5. Poet: May I touch your eggs?
Ben: Pervert! I will shoot your face off!
6. Poet: The famous assassin of the farm! He lives! That's bad!
Ben: Silence! On your knees, son of a whore!
7. Poet: What will happen to the Mexican empire?
Ben: Prepare to die, ugly dog.
8. Poet: HIYA! I am the karate champion!
Ben: Hey! [etc...]

The Invisible Life of Poet


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