Friday, April 21, 2006

Blame the Children

When things go sour for Bush and the Republicans, they blame underlings and the downtrodden. They blamed Abu Ghraib on a few bad soldiers. They blamed bad Iraq intelligence on the CIA. The Katrina disaster was blamed on state and local officials. Cheney shot a guy in the face and blamed the victim for getting shot. They're now blaming economic problems on Mexican immigrants.

This turns out to be very effective policy, and has helped prevent the Bush administration from being impeached (although a few of them have been indicted.) It's the political equivalent of blaming the dog for eating your homework. If we hold accountable those who cannot defend themselves, we are released from the bonds of responsibility. Democrats and progressive associates must learn to utilize this strategy if they expect to increase their representation in governmental affairs.

But simply blaming those at the bottom of the chain of command may not be enough. Democrats and progressives must go further - way down to the bottom - and blame the children. No demographic, except for invalids and coma patients, are more defenseless than children. With some clever rhetoric and an open mindset, almost anything can be blamed on children.
  • Children are illiterate? It's their fault for not studying harder. Ground them.
  • You can't pay your bills? It's the children's fault for being born. Make them get a job.
  • A terrorist blew up the Statue of Liberty? Some kid left the door unlocked. Throw his ass in jail.
  • Iran is enriching uranium and will soon construct a nuclear weapon? My kids ate the treaty. They are traitors. Let's have a Congressional inquiry.
  • The international diplomatic tendencies of realpolitik are gradually shifting from western democracies to dubious provisional regimes in South America and Asia? Dude, my kids were making too much noise. What was the question? SHUT THE HELL UP YOU LITTLE FUCKERS I'M ON THE PHONE!!!


At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Derick said...

that is a baseless,Iggnorant thing to say at a lil kid(especially all kids between 1-16)its not right to say some stuff like that. just look back and tell yourself "what did I do that made my mommy mad?" or just say that you did some stoupit stuff too when you were little everybody was kids and its not just kids today who act up of lack of discipine and parents allow their kids to be stoupit,kids are smart and innocent. its the parents fault that kids don't work at a early age to become more Intelligent. don't be so Iggnorant!!!!

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous katharine said...

what do you mean "little fukers" that's mean! I have a daughter who is 7 years old her name is lisa and she's the love of my life no matter how hard she trys and piss me off,get on my back,make it harder for me,or try and make me cuss at her. I will always love my daughter and think she's special.she's innocent and descent.she might ignore me somtimes but she understands whta i'm saying and she does it. she knows I work 18 hours everyday for her so I can raise her right.i know my daughter is discipline she's smart you can take one look at her and smile with"omg who does this little innocence belong to?" so if ya hate kids then shove your words up a dime!!!


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