Monday, March 06, 2006

South Dakota Rubber Stamps Rape/Incest

You've probably already heard the news that Governor Mike Rounds today signed into law a bill passed by the South Dakota legislature banning abortion. What's more, the law makes no exception in the case of rape or incest.

I heard an abortion opponent justify this by saying that while the pregnancy may have been brought about by horrific means, the fetus is itself an innocent victim, and must still be protected by law. In other words "it's not the baby's fault daddy raped you. Get over it!"

Lawmakers are saying, in effect, that while rape and incest are wrong and illegal, the effects of rape and incest are quite okay. They give a tacit nod to rapist and incestists (incestors?), and it's no wonder. Look at who led the charge to pass this law:

SD Representative Roger Hunt, man
SD House Speaker Matthew Michels, man (pictured above)
SD Governor Mike Rounds, man

Men, like myself, cannot truly empathize with women about rape. We want to be raped by dozens of hot girls every day. It's one of our hottest fantasies that a gorgeous 19 year old with long dark hair, pouty lips, and ample cleavage would drag us into their van and fuck us hard for hours. We want to be tied up and gang raped by a classroom of horny college sluts. Even if the girls were a little chunky or kind of ugly, most of us would still be into it a little.

Women do not work this way. It doesn't matter if Brad Pitt and George Clooney went tag-team on them - women do not like to be forced to have sex. It can be someone they know, or a guy they've been crushing on for years, and rape is still a no-go.

But South Dakota men approve of rape because, to them, rape is sexy. And if you look at the photographs of the legislators who passed this law, you'll know why. It may be the only shot they have to procreate.

As for incest, I suppose that's just a midwestern thing.


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