Monday, March 06, 2006

A Government of Crackheads

The conservatives running the US government are crackheads. But their crack isn't crack-cocaine, it's bombs and futuristic technologies that kill. And they'll walk over their own grandmother to get more. They need it daily to get high -- on political success -- because Americans love to kick some ass.

At the beginning of Bush's first term as president, I remember Paul Krugman remarking that the secret conservative plan was to cut taxes and run deficits up so high that domestic entitlement programs, and anything else conservatives didn't like, could be cut back to make up the debt. The attacks of 9/11 turned out to be a windfall for these policies, because the public could be terrorized with rhetoric about dirty bombs and ricin attacks in our libraries and waterparks. Simply by keeping the citizenry on edge, the Bush admininstration and associated Congressional cronies were free to spend as much as fiscally possible on the "war on terror," which for some reason includes unmanned swimming spyplanes and cyborg sharks. Bush might say "you can't put a price on homeland security" to justify the ridiculous armed forces and security budgets (now 53.6% of our government's spending, even BEFORE we pay for warfare in Iraq and Afghanastan), and with that in mind, anything else can go out the window. From Pell grants to veteran's benefits to environmental satellites - they're cutting and slashing to bring the deficit down. You can go to the fiscal year 2006 budget for the United States government and see for yourself whose budget is being cut, and whose expanded. Paul Krugman was right.

But the deficit remains at record-levels, and the national debt keeps rising. Turns out that for at least the fourth time in the Bush presidency (it could be more, I can't find a decent article on the subject), the government is breaking through an arbitrary, but legally binding, ceiling for debt, and treasury secretary John Snow (pictured above) is asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling again. But before they get to that point, they've been raiding any stockpiles of cash they can get their hands on, just to keep the government running. As is mentioned in this article they've cut into the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, and have already begun eating up investments from the G-fund (Government Securities Investment Fund of the Federal Employees Retirement System). So to ensure the fiscal solvency of the goverment, they've decided to raid the funds that PAY TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT.

What a bunch of crackheads. They steal jewelry and TVs from their own family to pay for their filthy habits. In this case, they steal from their own pension funds to pay for a $24 billion for a fleet of fighter/bombers that have no application in modern warfare.

Bush wants to take away housing for the poor and divert the funds to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. We all know it.
This is what happens when you vote a bunch of crackheads into office. And when the crackheads run out of money and resources, that's when things get dangerous. They have to start breaking into other people's homes to steal their electronics to feed their habit. Then people get shot and stabbed. In our case, firebombed and tortured.


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