Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do Something In Pursuit of Good

Today Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin introduced a resolution in the Senate to censure President Bush for his warrentless wiretapping program. This resolution is not an impeachment. It is simply an official rebuke from the Senate to President Bush that he is overstepping his power, breaking the law, and possibly violating the Constitution.

The bill is expected to fail, but this is a great opportunity to send a message to your government with a simple email. Spineless Democrats and Partyline Republicans have repeatedly said that they cannot vote for these types of measures because they do not feel that their constituents are interested in such matters. With an email, you can help change their minds.

I have written to my Senators here in Rhode Island to vote in favor of this resolution. I encourage you to do the same, then forward this message on to friends and family. I have attached the email I sent after this message, and you are free to use it. To find your Senator's email or web form, go here.

President Bush has shown that his policies are a matter of life and death and it is possible to influence the actions of your government. Write your Senators immediately. The Senate may be voting on this bill very soon.

Late edit: You can also sign Russ Feingold's petition for this resolution here.

Letter follows:
Mr./Mrs. ______,

Today on the floor of the Senate Russ Feingold introduced a motion to censure President George W. Bush for warrantless wiretapping, in plain violation of FISA and the Fourth Amendment.

As a resident of the state of ______, I support this motion, and ask you to vote in favor of Mr. Feingold's resolution.

I understand the importance of wiretapping in combatting domestic terrorism, but it has been made clear by Mr. Feingold and many others since this program was revealed that a simple process already exists to gain approval of wiretapping within the confines of the law. While I am fearful of the actions of terrorists, I am far more fearful today of an executive branch that is willing to tread upon the Constitution of the United States.

Please vote to pass the resolution to censure President George W. Bush for his illegal actions.

Thank you,


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