Friday, March 03, 2006

Do or Die Time for the Democrats

The Democrats are standing on top of possibly the largest heap of scandals, corruption, incompetance, and lies in United States political history, and with an election looming this year, they still can't see over the tops of their opponent's swelled heads.

If the Democratic party cannot collect themselves and start showing some teeth against the worst government we've ever had, if they cannot overcome the Republicans' weakening power in the face of so much evil and blindness and win a significant majority of their campaigns this November, then I will quit the Democratic party and become an Independant. I will refuse to vote for any Democrat whose name isn't Obama, or at least acts like their name is Obama.

The latest is that so many Democrats in the Senate voted to renew the Patriot Act, with only minor changes for civil rights protections. Raw Story has a list of how Senators voted. As you can see, nine Democrats, and one independant, voted against the bill. 33 voted for it, including, as always, King Dick-Suck himself, Joe Lieberman. Clinton and Reid followed suit.

I don't claim to know everything about the Patriot Act. There may be some good parts of it, but I do know that the power to search and seize should not be left in the hands of the Bush administration and the Justice Department, not after all we've seen:
  • Cheney's Energy Taskforcegate
  • Dieboldgate
  • WMDgate
  • Cost of Iraq Wargate
  • Human Toll in Iraqgate
  • Talibangate
  • No Bid Contractgate
  • Halliburtongate
  • Plamegate, Niger Forgerygate, and Yellow Cakegate
  • Torturegate and Abu Ghraibgate
  • Tom Delaygate
  • Duke Cunninghamgate
  • Jack Abramoffgate and K-Streetgate
  • Coingate
  • New Hampshire Phone Jamminggate
  • Guantanomo Prisongate
  • Jeff Gannongate
  • Video News Releasegate
  • Social Securitygate
  • John Boltongate
  • Katrinagate, FEMAgate, and Superdomegate
  • Illegal Domestic Spygate
  • Irangate
  • Cheney Shoots His Friend in the Facegate and Then Makes Him Take the Blamegate
  • Dubai Ports Worldgate
  • Budget Deficitgate
  • Unemploymentgate
  • Medicare Prescriptiongate
  • Stupidgate, Racistgate, Incompetantgate, and Cronygate, with a hint of Evilgate
And this is just a list of scandals, corruption, and lies that have gotten national attention. The list would be unreadable if we looked at Republican scandals at even state levels, and it's damn near unreadable now.

The Republicans are scared, and they're having trouble agreeing on a message anymore. If the Democrats cannot take advantage of this, or at least prove that Republicans have been rigging elections (see "Dieboldgate") then I see no reason to support them anymore, at least not with the leadership that is currently in place. I will start voting for third parties and independants whenever possible. If the Republicans want to turn the US into a dictatorship, at least I'll know I voted for people who saw it coming and said something about it.


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Debra said...

I totally agree with you. Your last line was brilliant and I will use that as my rationale from now on. I can no longer support the Democratic party. I thought I was safe in CA with my two Senators, but one has consistently disappointed me and the other...

Why don't people understand that the patriot act won't help and it just hinders while adding power to some very dangerous people?


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