Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Too Late, You Stupid Ho

Sen. Hillary Clinton is continuing her slow transformation into the anti-war Senator, as is noted at length in this story at ABC News in the aftermath of the revelation that better body armour might have saved hundreds of US Marines their lives.
"I've been one of the leading critics pointing out all the failures, the incompetencies," Clinton said.
She must think that those of us who have opposed this war from the start have very short attention spans, and don't remember how she supported the war for so long, even when the shit started hitting the fan. Of course, she still doesn't actually OPPOSE the war, just how it was handled.

I swear to God and the Baby Jesus and Santa Maria and Santa Claus that I will never vote for this woman for president, unless, as I said before, the only other option is Dick Cheney.

She acts like she wants to be tough on terrorism, but instead she just looks soft on illegal war. What a political ho-ma.

If you are a registered Democrat, please do not let this lady win the presidential primary. It would make baby Jesus cry.


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"revelation that better body armour might have saved hundreds of US Marines their lives"

CORRECTION: Thousands of lives. Washington Post has the last update (1/10/06) at 2,209 dead since the war began. The armour has been available since 2003. The revelation is from a Pentagon report that as high as 80%. 80% percent of 2209 is not just a number in the hundreds. What really scares me personally is that the NYTIMES is quoting the Pentagon as saying "at least 80%". AT LEAST? And remember this 80% is the number FROM THE GOVERNMENT! Not some overzealous left wing liberal blogger. If they could find evidence of a lower percentage they would use it. Lastly don't forget to factor in the reports that they 2,209 may not be couting all wounded that are air lifted to Germany hospitals then die there. Which after some searching gave me a number of 7,000 as of 3/05. I can't verify that cuz I've found that number on a blogg and not from Associated Press but if we take the number as 2,000 dead us soldiers and as many as 80 percent could have been prevented?!?! It makes my head spin...

BTW- I found ur blog through a funny comment u made on the superficial. I really enjoy your analyical tangents on the inner workings of humor.. Keep it up-

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I think I jumped the gun here. After reading the whole NYTIMES story I realized that I was assuming as 2k deaths were armour preventable. No amount of armour is gonna save you when u take a bullet between the eyes or your plane explodes. Ignore my tanguent but HUNDREDS of preventable is still disturbing...

In any regards Mr. Cheney you can remove the wiretap now:)


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