Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Dream-Based Fiction

I tumbled over the waterfall and splashed helplessly into a shallow creek choked by thick roots and brush. Swimming downstream was nearly impossible as I clamored over the exposed roots. I knew that lurking below the water were mysterious creatures waiting to attack. So I hurried to find an exit.

As I broke free of the cold water and on to the marshy shore I realized the stream, which by the way was some sort of magical stream, had imbued me with an unstoppable power over beautiful women. As I stepped inland through the bushes I came across a large, glamorous home in the style of a Spanish villa - clearly the inhabitants were wealthy. I stepped inside and could sense the woman nearby who I was about to seduce. I followed corridors and stepped diagonally through rooms from door to door in search of her. I began to have visions of the stunning beauty writhing in pleasure in her bed as she sensed my approaching power.

As I crept from room to room the visions became stronger, and her arousal deeper. Children milled about the house in costumes but seemed unfazed by my presence. Finally, stepping through a den I turned the corner to see the bedroom I was seeking. I rushed inside and closed the door. She had covered herself in blankets, perhaps in fear of my overpowering sexual aura.

I quietly pulled the covers away from her quivering body, ready to pounce. She laid still before me, in all her unmerciful ugliness. Moreover, she had poured Log Cabin maple syrup over her genitalia as lubricant. I looked at her face and grimmaced in repulsion. Pig nose, short colorless hair, lifeless eyes and thin lips, surrounded by a head far too round to be normal. Her eyes were surrounded in wrinkles - not from age, but from pure ugliness.

In obligation, I mounted her, noticing only then her remarkably unenticing breasts - small, limp, with hard nipples like oversized red thimbles. I dared not touch them. I attempted to correct her face by firmly pushing inward on her temples, but to no avail. I tried to rub away the wrinkles, but could only drag her loosened skin back and forth.

Giving in, I penetrated her sticky oriface, oozing with cheap stinking syrup. She was instantly sent into ecstacy. I could only watch her squirms and screams as she felt me thrusting deeper and faster. I tried valiantly to finish off myself, but despite my efforts I could not do so, and removed myself from her.

She protested that I had not finished the act. I slapped her. I slapped her for being so fucking ugly it made me sick. Then I slapped her again. It felt good, slapping an ugly girl who had lied to me like that.


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