Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Joke Theory: The Tao of Parody

The yin yang is central to Taoism, just as it is to humor, as I noted in my post yesterday. But the yin yang is not only central to the Wilsonian Theory of Complementary Essence, but also to another concept which I invented and named after myself: Wilsonian Parody Duality (or Wilsonian Parody Parity).

In Wilsonian Parody Duality, parody is confined to two dimensions, like the yin and yang. The yang represents darkness and evil while the yin represents light and good. However, it is important to note that the yin and yang are not always in perfect balance. While the universe seeks to attain a perfect balance, it is not only possible but probable that at any given time the two will be out of balance. This can occur in four different ways (think: two dimensions):
  • Yang surplus
  • Yang deficit
  • Yin surplus
  • Yin deficit
In comedy, this is how parody is created, by alternately raising or lowering the "force" of the two complementary essences. Sticking with the theme from yesterday, this is how Wilsonian Parody Duality applies to 50 Cent:

Yang Surlus: 50 Cent is the craziest sucka in the universe. He carries 400 loaded pistols at all times, shoots anyone that makes eye contact with him right in the balls, and spends all his money on a Cadillac Escalade made of a single 20-ton diamond. He might eat human flesh. His Yang is the size of a tree trunk.

Yang Deficit: In reality, 50 Cent is a wimp and a nerd. He is scared of knives and reads Ayn Rand in his spare time. He is allergic to milk, wheat, and peanuts. He has no idea how to please a woman. He cannot decide who is his favorite Star Trek character.

Yin Surplus: 50 Cent cries whenever he thinks of his momma. He subsists on love, and shoots rainbows from his vagina. His tum tum is full of flowers.

Yin Deficit: 50 Cent is absent of any semblance of love, caring, peace, or temperence. He smokes a room full of crack, hunts children for sport, and raps so hard your face explodes.

An interesting point to note here is the similarity of the Yang Surplus and Yin Deficit. I believe this is because this represents reality most accurately. As I mentioned yesterday, 50 Cent is already a walking caricature of black America. He clearly has a Yang Surplus and a Yin Deficit.

As humorists, we can use these four types of parody to help the world understand where there is imbalance, so that people might correct it, say, by sending 50 Cent a My Little Pony Collectible China Gift Set, or by shooting him some more.

Tomorrow: Combining the essences


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