Monday, January 30, 2006

The Invisible Life of Poet #77 - Watching the Ball Drop

Poet and Ben drink milk throught their nosesSometimes it's nice to return to the fact that Poet and Ben are just kids, and on occasion do kid stuff, like try to drink milk through their noses. Personally, I love the punchline in this episode, but it may be too subtle for non-supergeniuses like you and your family and everybody you know. For supergeniuses like me, however, this is a very good punchline. But keep in mind that I am a very super supergenius.

It is amazing to me the effect of drawing characters laughing. When you see a cartoon laugh, you want to laugh along. It creates a unique bond between you and the characters, just as when you laugh with friends. That's a tip for you amateur cartoonists out there: draw your characters laughing in every single frame and you'll have a winner guaranteed.

Another free tip for cartoonists: have a solid degree to fall back on, just in case you want to eat.

The Invisible Life of Poet #77 - Watching the Ball Drop

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