Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dear Women: You ARE Fat!

According to this story in The Independant, 51% of women in the UK selected a "slimmer waist" as more important to them than a genius IQ, financial security, or a date with the celebrity of their choice. The story goes on to mention that 1 in 3 women is overweight, while 1 in 5 is obese.

As always, pundits come out to blame society, and I don't entirely disagree. Here's a typical quote:
Barbara Wilson, head of nutrition at tescodiets.com, said: "Women's role models tend to be models and actresses, so there is more emphasis than ever placed upon physical perfection...These statistics reveal just how much pressure women feel there is to be slim in today's society."
I agree that this whole study is disturbing. Women would rather be stupid than fat, which shows that we're not raising our girls properly.

But how is it that we can say out of one side of our mouths "society puts too much pressure on women to be thin" and out of the other side say "1 in 3 women are overweight." In the United States, the pressure is greater, yet the statistics are probably worse. To me, this says that society is not putting enough pressure on women to be thin. Society is failing to fully raise up the coke-addicted supermodels, which create the adequate psychological disturbances that lead to sound physical health.

I know what the response to all this will be. Women are fat BECAUSE society puts so much pressure on them.


Or maybe women are fat because they eat too much goddamned chocolate and have never been told to PUT THE FUCKING FORK DOWN!!!

So, in conclusion, I propose that we legalize cocaine so that women in all socio-economic strata can have access to the same quality coke that Kate Moss does, without living in fear of being arrested or deported, like Kate Moss does.


At 5:51 AM, Blogger javaricho said...

I could not agree more!

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous megan said...

"Hell is other people."-Sartre

Well the media is surely to blame for our nation's fat phobia. I personally feel sickened by the images of male and female beauty portrayed in most forms of media.

I have seen countless tabloids and magazine covers in checkout lines proclaiming something to the effect of "Lindsay Lohan's deadly diet... is she too thin?" Of course right beside this such magazine is one showing Celebs whose bodies are "out of control" with pictures of bellies, ass flab, and cottage cheese thighs. So what is the acceptable size? Both thin and “fat” get slammed.


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