Wednesday, December 14, 2005

State of Humor Citizen Alert- The "I'm Okay" Joke

You may have heard it in a television commercial or seen it in a bad comedy film, but it's ubiquitous: the "I'm okay" joke. It has been used as a crutch for lazy script and ad copy writers for damn near a generation.

The basic premise goes as follows: somebody hurts themselves. It looks bad. Perhaps they run into a pane glass door or fall on their face. Then, either having stood up, or still lying on the ground, they say, "I'm okay."

That's it: that's the entire joke, and if I ever find the guy that invented this joke I can't be held accountable if I cannibalize him.
This joke is everywhere, and it's not funny anymore, if it ever was. We need to get rid of it in order to create better humor for this world. If not, the terrorists have won.

Unfortunately, I can only specifically remember three instances where this joke was used, but hopefully you, the reader, can remember a few others. If so, drop a comment to this post, and I will add them to the list along with your name and link. Then, with the list in hand, we can track down the ad agencies and film studios who are serial offenders and murder their families for wasting our time. It's in the Constitution.

Together, we can build a funnier world together.

The "I'm Okay" Offender List:
  • For: Volkswagen Jetta - Agency: DDB - Guy violently tackles shopping cart about to hit his Jetta. Says "I'm okay."
  • For: Some computer company (IBM?) - Agency: Unknown - Fat guy knocks over water cooler, injuring self. Gets up, says, "I'm okay."
  • For: Capital One - Agency: DDB - Family goes skiing during the summer. Father, predictably, goes careening down the hill. Get's up, says, "I'm okay." Is bowled over by careening wife.
  • For: Allstate - Agency: Leo Burnett? - Middle age couple skates late at night on outdoor ice rink to disco music. Man skates backward into a shack, stumbling over. Says "I'm okay." Ice falls off roof of shack onto parked car.
Serial "I'm Okay" Offenders:
  • DDB, ad agency


At 9:46 AM, Blogger Mystillate said...

I believe that this joke originated on "The Simpsons". My high school years were 1988-1992 and I recall everyone saying it in a nasally Bart Simpson voice. And yeah, at one point in history it actually was funny. It's hard to imagine, I know, but those were less jaded times.

At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Equally overused and unfunny riff -shot of person drinking huge glass of something, preferably opaque like milk. Another person says something shocking. Liquid spurts. Prime example in American Pie, "one time, at band camp..."


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