Tuesday, December 06, 2005

King Kong is the Worst Movie of All Time

Genuine Peter Jackson fans know that he has made some exciting and clever movies in the past, (Dead Alive, Meet the Feebles) but his talent has been declining as he's gotten fatter and hairier. Everyone knows that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was just Star Wars for perverts, and Star Wars was already a movie about transexual aliens.

I'm fairly convinced that King Kong will be completely unwatchable and will make no money, and I say that having not seen it yet. It is supposedly about a guy who lives in Alaska and talks to bears, but then to everyone's surprise (I mean, only to his surprise) he gets eaten by a bear (aptly named King Kong after this guy) along with his girlfriend, who probably followed him there for a piece of his King Kong.

Seriously, why Peter Jackson would choose to remake such an unnacceptably terrible movie like this one is totally outside my realm of thinking, and I say that as a certified supergenius.


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