Friday, December 02, 2005

Hillary Clinton is the Republican of Democrats

Alternate Title: Hillary Clinton is the Anus of the Democratic Party

I am a registered Democrat, but if Hillary runs for prez in '08, I will vote for anybody else. I might vote for her if the alternative were Dick Cheney.

Two reasons:
  1. She supports the war in Iraq
  2. She spends way too much time worrying about violence in videogames
  3. She's a total douchette ho-ma bitch
  4. She sucks
Three reasons, er four reasons.

If Hillary is nominated for president, the Democrats can kiss the presidency goodbye once again. Republicans hate her the way God hates shrimp (so I'm told.) They will do anything to stop her getting elected. Moreover, she has zero charisma, and you need charisma to win the highest office in the US. A few more good points at TPM Cafe.


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