Monday, December 05, 2005

Daily Suck - Condoleezza Rice

C-Rice is on her way to tell EU members to cram it over U.S. use of secret prisons to detain suspected terrorists. Feel free to read the speech she gave today at Andrews AFB. Basically she said the US should be able to do pretty much whatever it wants to save a few lives. A few quotes:
We must track down the terrorists who seek refuge in areas where governments cannot take effective action, including where the terrorists cannot in practice be reached by the ordinary processes of law.
This is idiotspeak for "we think we should be above the laws of all other nations."
The captured terrorists of the 21st century do not fit easily into traditional systems of criminal or military justice, which where designed for different needs. We have to adapt.
By "terrorists of the 21st century," she must mean they have bionic arms and communicate telepathically, because as far as I can tell, terrorists are the same now as they always have been - they blow crap up by any means necessary.

Seriously --

This is exactly how fascist societies get going. They find ways to justify brutal behavior within the confines of law and morality in order to "protect" somebody. Condi justifies the rendition of suspects by citing examples of terrorists in the past who were caught and were quickly sentenced through a process of rendition (which, BTW, is a stupid word). But these were KNOWN terrorists. The people currently being, renditioned...EXPORTED FOR SUMMARY BEATINGS...are not terrorists, they are SUSPECTED terrorists. But I guarantee that those who are not actually terrorists will be once they get out of those secret prisons, assuming they ever get out.

So if you're brown, and you live in any nation where the average temperature is 140F, and the typical occupation is "camel surgeon," watch out, because Condi is coming for you. She may or may not be a vampire - we'll let you know. (Wear some garlic just in case).


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