Monday, December 12, 2005

Charles Manson Downloads All of World's Pornography

Internet proprietor Charles Manson* has succeeded in his dream of downloading all internet pornography - which altogether take up approximately 2-3 PETABYTES of space. Manson has apparently devised a media storage device that runs on magic dust and olive oil. When asked in a phone interview what his plans are now, he replied, "I've got a lot of masturbating to do."

* The Charles Manson featured in this story is not the Charles Manson of Manson Family infamy. The name is simply a coincidence, although our Charles Manson is currently serving multiple life sentences for the murder of several people and conspiracy to commit murder against one woman who coincidentally was also named Sharon Tate. The picture above is of a Charles Manson impersonator who is also coincidentally in prison for murder.


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